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High Density Housing

I was playing around with house designs and wondered how small you could make a self contained living area.

Though probably not a lifestyle of choice, you could live in something like the image to the right if you were in a pinch (out of work, on a 6 week job in another city, space station, etc).

There is a large plasma / LED TV which covers the entire wall - this doubles as a window in that it shows an image of outdoors when not in use and plays DVDs, used as a computer screen(s).

For couples you'd need a slightly bigger space as shown here, and you'd need to be a happy couple I guess or tensions would get high.

Once you stack the rooms into blocks you can fit a large number of people into a small space. There would need to be wide corridors (indoor streets almost) which have garden areas, shops, restaurants and cafes and to do this with any impact these corridor areas would need to be at least 2-4 floors high.

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